The Most Innovative Pickup Accessory System on the Planet.

With the continued mainstreaming of pickup trucks, the bed becomes both an advantage as well as a challenge. Cargo To You offers many options to get the most out of your truck. From the contractor that wants his truck to be more than just a work vehicle. To the camper/tailgater that wants to have an advanced cooking system that not only will work for them on-site but also can be their main grilling system at home as well. To the family that wants the space that the cabs will offer but also wants the security of their items in the bed being safe and dry. The Cargo To You System will deliver all of these and more to all pickup truck owners.

48 Volt Lithium Battery Pack

One of the more fantastic features of the Cargo To You System is that is run completely off of its own battery system. There is no need to attach the Cargo To You to your Truck's electrical system. The battery is good for 400 cycles without a charge.

Phone Application & Wired Control

Our mobile app that is both IOS and Android compatible. The App will allow you to not only control the system but will also allow ToolXGen to have an understanding of your system usage. If your mobile is unavailable a wired controller allows you all of the functionality of the system.

Installation Kit

We strongly suggest that you use an installer to properly place your Cargo To You System. However, every system comes with a detailed set of directions and the necessary hardware to install your system. Tools Not Included.

Standard Cargo Box

Our standard Cargo To You System includes a 49"(L) X 18"(W) x 24"(H) general cargo box that will add extra security to your items.

Lifting Units

Our patented system is driven by 2 lifting columns with the sliding mechanism that is attached to the bed of the truck. The control box of the system is safely installed under the seat of the cab of the truck.

Cargo Rack

Our cargo rack can be used as a ladder rack or it has the ability to have multiple functions of carrying canoes or kayaks to name a few. The rack will cross across the entire bed of your truck to get the most use out of that space. When not in use this rack just folds right down next to the rail until you need it again.