ToolXGen was the brainchild of three creative individuals that developed one of the most economically unique items that have ever seen the bed of a pickup truck. The original thought was to have a toolbox in the bed that would be stealth in travel and over the side rail when in business operation. This premise would allow contractors to not feel like their truck is a constant work truck with toolboxes always visible. With the collapsible rack system, the truck could be functional for work as well as after hours. With the innovation that was developed, it soon came quickly that the functionality could be used for more than just a contractor. The ideas of a cargo box, a sling tray, and the most transformational cooking system to be seen on the market. This patented system is something that every truck owner could utilize on a daily basis.


Our Motivation

One of the main factors of this system was to keep people from needing to climb in and out of the back of their truck. From the aging contractor to the veterans that have limitations to the aging population of truck owners we saw a large need to make the pickup truck bed as accessible as possible.

Our Values

Key Ingredients to Our Company

Global Innovator

Our patented systems are globally unique. The basis behind ToolXGen is to develop products that are not sold by other companies.

Fast Delivery

It is our goal to provide products as fast as possible, whether it is to you directly or your installer we don't want you to wait for your products.

Frendly Support

With a unique product, you are going to have individual questions our team will do whatever we can to make sure you get the most out of ToolXGen products.